IELTS common mistakes

Prepare for Exams
  Firstly, Time Management in Reading test. Don’t give a deep reading but try to understand through skimming and scanning for specific information. Instructions should be read carefully and the answers should be prepared accordingly. Keep an eye on the word limit for both the...
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IELTS speaking tips for top score

It takes around 11-14 minutes for a candidate to complete this task successfully. Part 1 is on general questions about yourself like personal interests, education, family, etc for 4-5 minutes, this is a two–way communication. The speaking part tests your ability to communicate effectively, not...
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IELTS Reading tips for top score

IELTS Reading module  is different for IELTS Academic and IELTS General. In Academic module you will have 3 passages whereas in General module you will have 5-6 passages to do within 1 hour. No extra time will be given for transfer of answers, it should...
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IELTS writing tips to get top scores

IELTS top score
The writing module contains 2 compulsory tasks, namely Task 1 & Task 2. It is for 1 hour for both the tasks. Task 1 is for 20 minutes and have to write about 150 words whereas Task 2 you have to allot yourself 40 minutes...
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IELTS Listening tips for taking top score

There are four sections with 10 questions each. It takes about 30 minutes and the conversation is a monologue or between 2 or more persons. You have 40 questions to answer on the whole. Audio tape will be played once only. Keep listening until it...
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