IELTS Reading module  is different for IELTS Academic and IELTS General.

In Academic module you will have 3 passages whereas in General module you will have 5-6 passages to do within 1 hour. No extra time will be given for transfer of answers, it should be done simultaneously.
For getting a score of IELTS 7.0 and above you should score 30 out of 40 in Academic module whereas in General 35 out of 40.
• Read the passage by scanning and skimming. Remember that skimming and scanning are important skills.
• Read the vocabulary in the sentence and try to understand the sentence with the vocabulary.
• Don’t spend too much of time in 1 question. Skip it and move on to others in case of difficulties. Leave a question that you can’t answer.
• Schedule the time properly and see that you have 5 minutes at the end.
• Read the first and last line carefully to get an idea of the paragraph.
• Read the question carefully whether True/False/Not Given or Yes/No/Not Given.
• Don’t write 2 answers try to write only one as you will not be marked for 2 answers even if one is correct out of the 2.
• Check the grammar, spellings etc.
• Adequate practice is necessary to get the expected score.
• Remember you have no extra time to transfer your answers, many candidates think because they have extra time given in Listening process they are able to do this in reading process too. You can’t.
• Be careful with singular and plural.
• It is important to underline or highlight the key words or phrases in the question.
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