It takes around 11-14 minutes for a candidate to complete this task successfully.

Part 1 is on general questions about yourself like personal interests, education, family, etc for 4-5 minutes, this is a two–way communication. The speaking part tests your ability to communicate effectively, not just your grammatical accuracy.

Don’t give one word answers.

Part 2 is a one way communication. A cue card will be handed over by the examiner and after 1 minute of preparation, of what is asked, you have to speak for 2 minutes.

Part 3 is general questions of part 2. It is a two – way communication for 4-5 minutes.

  • Maintain posture
  • Have eye contact
  • Be friendly in answering
  • Don’t repeat your points
  • Don’t use slang
  • Be confident
  • Don’t panic
  • Ask for clarification if it is not clear
  • Develop your answers as much as possible
  • The topics covered are fairly predictable so practice at home recording ideas onto a tape recorder.

Look out for your grammar and vocabulary.

For more details visit CampusUK website – www.campusuk.com

3 thoughts on “IELTS speaking tips for top score

  1. Prema says:

    Hello CampusUK, The tips are very useful for IELTS preparation. Out of the 4 modules, can you tell me which module of IELTS that I have to attend first during the IELTS test.

    1. campusuk says:

      Hello Prema, Thanks for visiting the blog. You will be tested on the listening module first. If you need any further information, please let me know. Best wishes – CampusUK IELTS team.

  2. marissaryan says:

    Nice tips.This tips are useful to get high score in IELTS speaking test.
    IELTS classes in Kuwait

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