The writing module contains 2 compulsory tasks, namely Task 1 & Task 2. It is for 1 hour for both the tasks.

Task 1 is for 20 minutes and have to write about 150 words whereas Task 2 you have to allot yourself 40 minutes and write at least 250 words. The word limit can be +/- of 10 words.

Moving on to Task 1 first plan for about 3 minutes and then write accordingly.

For Academic Module it is normally a graph, bar, pie or a flow chart .  See that you

  • Have an opening line which starts by “The given _____ diagram illustrates …..”
  • Please do not copy the question as it will not be taken into account in the counting of words.
  • Try to write in your own words.
  • Just transfer the main features of diagram and compare in the second paragraph
  • Most important summarize the closing line

For General Module it is letter writing you should have an

  • Opening paragraph like “I am writing this letter to inform you that ……”
  • In the body of the letter explain the reason
  • Closing Paragraph should say something like “ Looking forward or your prompt reply “
  • Do not write any address
  • Please write “Dear Sir / Madam” if it is your friend write the name say “Dear Sri” and not Dear friend
  • And write “Yours” in the end

Task 2 weighs more than your Task 1. Here plan for 5 minutes and importantly have 3-4 reasons out of which 2 reasons you can write confidently

  • Have an introduction
  • Do not repeat your ideas in a different way.
  • Have a thesis to let the examiner know your stand / argument
  • Take a stand for one side and support it with 2 views and example in 2 paragraphs depending upon the question whereas question like where you have to discuss Support both the views with examples
  • Do not memorise model answers, they won’t fit the question and you will make more careless mistakes.
  • Have a conclusion part
  • Reading a lot will help with increasing your vocabulary

Most people ask whether to write Task 1 or 2 first. It depends on the individual because some think Task 2 weighs more and so they prefer to write it first. Some feel psychologically strong when they have completed one Task and then they can write legibly Task 2.

But see that you focus on the coherence, lexical resource and grammar.

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