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Spoken English Coaching Testimonials from Trichy Students
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Garrisson – Best Spoken English Centre

Even though I know English I feel hesitate to speak with my teachers. As I am stepping to 10th std My mom wants me to develop my communication knowledge in my vacation time henceforth she enrolled me in CampusUK Spoken English class in Trichy where my trainer made me to proliferate my language skills by mentoring & guiding to overcome my fear & anxiety.


Andro Flora Rani – Superb class ambience for learning

First of all I loved this centre because of its friendly atmosphere and I got more knowledge from here. Now I can do correct pronunciation without grammatical errors and speak in a well manner. Thanks to my trainer because I had improved my reading & writing skills .


Celcia – A very friendly institute

According to me, CampusUK is the best Spoken English institute because I got more grammar knowledge from here. Now I could speak in English since I learnt everything clearly. Nowadays I am speaking English fluently because my trainer taught me well & whenever I asked any doubts to her, immediately she clarified me so I understood everything & got updated also surely I refer others about this institute because I had benefited a lot from here. Thank you


Ramesh – Good learning centre

The class was good. I learnt more English words & upgraded my communication skills


Rathna Galdys

I am grateful for having a good spoken English class. I learnt more new words & it helped me to speak English fluently.


Venkatesan – Spoken English Class

I am R.Venkatesan. I joined Spoken English class in CampusUK. The CampusUK training institute is very good in teaching Spoken English. Their teaching method is simple, easy to follow and activity based. I was very much impressed & I improved my English knowledge. Previously I was struggling to speak English fluently but after I completing the Spoken English class my speaking skill has improved .Thanks to the efforts of my English trainer.


Subiksha – English Language Class

I had good knowledge about the grammar part but I was lagging in my speaking skills. This is due to lack of communication with others but after I have joined Spoken English class, I felt the development. CampusUK is a good spoken English coaching centre and the staff are experienced. I learnt about the correct pronunciation of words & many effective vocabularies through regular class room activities and video audio sessions. The communication class is effective and it is helping the students.


Naveen Raj – Spoken English Student

I am proud to say that I am a learner in CampusUK centre. Initially I have some knowledge of English but I was not able to interact with anyone owing to fear and shyness so I decided to join CampusUK. Here I had an exposure to interact with other students and staff which elevated my confidence level and skills. Teaching method is so amiable which really helped me a lot to develop my communication part by means of implementing many vocabularies in my conversation as well as group discussions also my fluency level got progressed through tongue twisters and I learnt proper accents during my video sessions. Overall I am very much satisfied that with the affordable fee I had enriched my English knowledge through the endeavours of my trainer. I firmly recommend that this campus is really a good platform to enhance our communication skills….Thankyou CampusUK


Sivaranjani - Communication Student

I am Sivaranjani. For the past two months I have been learning to speak English fluently from CampusUK in Trichy. They had implanted me to speak promptly using glossary, Idioms & phrases every day.

Further I am utilizing all these words in my speaking sessions. Eventhough I felt shy & hesitate to speak, my trainer always emphasized me to avoid fear & hesitation by motivating me a lot which shaped me to be well-spoken in front of others. Being a Mom, English is paramount for me to speak with my kids so in every classes I have been upgrading myself to improve my proficiency. In CampusUK, they pay special care and attention towards the students that helped me to mend my talents which in turn exalted my grade in front of my children.

Based on my experience I suggest that this campus is ideal for learning English.


Xavier Kingsly - Spoken English and Soft skills student

Firstly I thank to CampusUK because it renders good communicative knowledge to speak in English without any hesitation or fear. CampsuUK office staffs are very easy to approach to clarify querires and the most important thing is the teaching method which is extremely good. They are scrutinizing the students very well. The staffs are not only teaching but also conducting various mock tests and giving more work sheets which will help the students to get expert in their grammar part. I was quite impressed in the group discussion session because in that session we can develop our fluency also if we have done any grammatical errors my staff guided me to change it properly into correct conversation. They are teaching new terminologies & set phrases regularly which developed me in my current scenario. I feel so delightful & completely satisfied in my tenure at CampusUK.


Somasutharshan – Spoken English student

Before I join the class I had a fear to speak in English but now I improved my knowledge through various activities done by CampusUK. In video sessions I learnt more vocabularies & pronunciation of words through English documentaries and visuals. Moreover I developed my listening skills in English. Speaking sessions made me a good speaker in English which gave me a good confidence to communicate with other people in English. This will help me in in the job interview sessions.


Mariyam Loretta – Communications Learner

It’s a golden opportunity in my life because I learnt grammar rules, more useful vocabularies and phrases in the class. What I have learnt in the class will be very useful for my future to Implement in my profession. It was a good decision to join Spoken English class at CampsuUK and It helped improving my communication skills. CampusUK is the best study centre and my trainer is the best trainer in my life.


Abushek Kumar Mishra

It was a really pleasant experience at CampusUK. Every day, I have learnt very useful part of the English language. Now I am confident enough to speak at any odd circumstances. Thanks for providing me such aguidance & special time to bring the best out of me .

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