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Spoken English Coaching Testimonials from Trichy Students
2017 | 2016 | 2015

Student Full Name: Usha Nandhini
College studied: Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College
Month/Year studied: Feb 2015

I had a great experience of learning Spoken English at CampusUK. After attending the coaching class I have improved a lot in my English knowledge. Now I can speak confidently in English and I can even help others who make mistakes while speaking. I thank CampusUK for giving me the confidence and all the staff for their friendly helping nature.


Student Full Name: Venkatesan
Month/Year Studied: Feb 2015

I am grateful for having an excellent trainer. I was shy and unable to speak in English during my school days. Now I can speak and write in English confidently. Definitely this will help me in my work in Singapore.


Student Full Name: Joseph Arokia Rajkumar
Month/Year studied: Feb 2015

I am Joseph. I completed my college degree in the year 1994. After working in India and Abroad. I came to know the importance of learning English. I joined Spoken English in CampusUK, Trichy. Before joining CampusUK I speak English with mistakes. But, now I have managed to speak well. CampusUK Trainer and staffs are good, supportive and encouraged me throughout the training. Thanks to CampusUK.


Student Name: Pradheep
College studied: Srimad Andavan Arts & Science College, Srirangam
Month/Year studied: Dec 2014
CampusUK Office: Trichy

First of all I thank CampusUK education consultants for teaching me the Spoken English in Trichy. Before joining this institution I could not speak in English. But now I am speaking in English very well. After completing the class, I feel I have achieved something and really proud of it.  Now my confident level has increased. Finally I thank my guide Mrs. Meenakshi who always encouraged and motivated me to learn the language and to speak well.


Student Name: Vignesh
College studied: New Polytechnic College, Trichy
CampusUK Office: Trichy

I am proud to say that I am able to speak English without mistakes. I had a wonderful trainer and I am grateful for her support and classes. I gained self-confidence at CampusUK. Now I do not have a fear to speak English with other people. CampusUK is the best coaching centre in Trichy.

Student Name: S.Balamuthu
College: V.J.P Polytechnic College
CampusUK Office: Trichy

I was reluctant to join the class initially. Later on, I found it easy and gained lots of knowledge from the teaching and watching movies. CampusUK staff made the Spoken English class enjoyable.

Student Name: R.Bhagyalakshmi
College: Srimathi Indira Gandhi College, Trichy
SE Studied – Month/Year: Sept 2015
Purpose: To improve the communication
CampusUK Office: Trichy

I have learnt proper English in the Spoken English class conducted by CampusUK. According to me before I had no idea about grammar and I could not speak in English. But after coming to the Spoken English class, I learnt usage of grammar and to speak in English. I have increased a lot to speak in English. Good teaching and guidance from my teacher has helped me to achieve this. I feel your institution is the best Spoken English Centre in Trichy. Thank you for your great service in CampusUK.

Student Name: B.Gunasekar
School: Bishop Heber Higher Secondary School, Trichy
CampusUK Office: Trichy

I don’t know how to write a feedback but I am trying to give a good feedback. First of all I would like to thank Siva Sir. I am grateful for having an experienced trainer who has taught me English well. In my school days, I did not try to speak and write in English. I was scared to attend English classes in those days. I could not understand anything about Grammar. I was shy and unable to speak good level of English. After I have joined this class, I have improved a lot. Now I can speak and write confidently. I know for sure that I speak better English than my school days. Definitely this class will help in my college life too.

Student Name: R.Vengadeswari
College: St. Joseph’s College, Trichy
CampusUK Office: Trichy

Spoken English trainer has taught me English language very well. Now I am able to speak English confidently without any fear & with confident. I am able to understand lessons in my studies easily. Mam taught me Grammar in a very super manner. I cannot forget these days. Joining spoken English class was the best decision that I have made and this has changed my lifestyle. All staff are very nice and kind to me. They encouraged me a lot to learn on my own time. Thank you CampusUK.

Student Name: Lakshmi Priya
College: Raja Engineering College, Madurai
Purpose: Going to settle in Canada
CampusUK Office: Trichy

I don’t know how to speak and write in English before coming to CampusUK office. After enrolling myself in the Spoken English class, I am able to speak fluently and write well in English. I learnt how to use proper grammar, fundamentals, pronunciation and to talk boldly in English. Trainer Mrs. Meenakshi has taught me in a very good fashion and to communicate easily. She encouraged me to speak confidently. If I am going to any country, I am having the confident to speak in English well. So I first thank CampusUK for giving me a platform to learn spoken English then the staff for enabling me to achieve this confidence. I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in CampusUK office. Thank you so much.

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