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IEEE Projects - Networking

JAVA - Networking

89 Optimal Secrecy Capacity-Delay Tradeoff in Large-Scale Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
90 BCCC: An Expandable Network for Data Centers
91 Identification of Boolean Networks Using Premined Network Topology Information
92 An Integrated Systematic Approach to Designing Enterprise Access Control
93 A Difference Resolution Approach to Compressing Access Control Lists
94 iPath: Path Inference in Wireless Sensor Networks
95 Least Cost Influence Maximization across Multiple Social Networks
96 Optimal Partial Relaying for Energy-Harvesting Wireless Networks
97 GreenCoMP: Energy-Aware Cooperation for Green Cellular Networks
98 Delay-Constrained Caching in Cognitive Radio Networks
99 Performance Analysis of Mobile Data Offloading in Heterogeneous Networks
100 QoS-Aware Scheduling of Workflows in Cloud Computing Environments
101 Optimality of Fast Matching Algorithms for Random Networks with Applications to Structural Controllability
102 The Role of Information in Distributed Resource Allocation
103 An Optimized Virtual Load Balanced Call Admission Controller for IMS Cloud Computing
104 CCDN: Content-Centric Data Center Networks
105 Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Synchronization Control of a Class of Complex Dynamical Networks with General Input Distribution Matrices and Actuator Faults
106 Distributed Long-Term Base Station Clustering in Cellular Networks using Coalition Formation
107 An Enhanced Available Bandwidth Estimation Technique for an End-to-End Network Path
108 Botnet Detection based on Anomaly and Community Detection
109 Packet Classification Using Binary Content Addressable Memory
110 Overlay Automata and Algorithms for Fast and Scalable Regular Expression Matching
111 A General Collaborative Framework for Modeling and Perceiving Distributed Network Behaviour
112 FluidNet: A Flexible Cloud-Based Radio Access Network for Small Cells
113 Multipath TCP: Analysis, Design, and Implementation
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Campus UK student
Muthiah Palaniappan
Internet Programming and Database Mgmt (COOP)
Lambton College, Canada
Successful Students
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