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Non IEEE / Application Projects - VLSI
VLSI Based Projects
1 Trigger-Wave Asynchronous Cellular Logic Array for Fast Binary Image Processing
2 An Efficient VLSI Architecture of a Reconfigurable Pulse-Shaping FIR Interpolation Filter for Multistandard DUC
3 Reliable Low-Power Multiplier Design Using Fixed-Width Replica Redundancy Block
4 High-Throughput LDPC-Decoder Architecture Using Efficient Comparison Techniques & Dynamic Multi-Frame Processing Schedule
5 Algorithm and Architecture for a Low-Power Content-Addressable Memory Based on Sparse Clustered Networks
6 A 28-nm CMOS 1 V 3.5 GS/s 6-bit DAC With Signal-Independent Delta-I Noise DfT Scheme
7 Trip-Point Bit-Line Precharge Sensing Scheme for Single-Ended SRAM
8  A 65 nm Cryptographic Processor for High Speed Pairing Computation
9 VLSI Design for SVM-Based Speaker Verification System
10 Low-Power Programmable PRPG With Test Compression Capabilities
11 11.25-ms-Group-Delay and Low-Complexity Algorithm Design of 18-Band Quasi-ANSI S1.11 1/3 Octave Digital Filterbank for Hearing Aids
12 A Combined SDC-SDF Architecture for Normal I/O Pipelined Radix-2 FFT
13 A High-Throughput VLSI Architecture for Hard and Soft SC-FDMA MIMO Detectors
14 A Low-Latency and Low-Power Hybrid Scheme for On-Chip Networks
15 A Parallel Digital VLSI Architecture for Integrated Support Vector Machine Training and Classification
16 A Synergetic Use of Bloom Filters for Error Detection and Correction
17 An 8-bit 100-GS/s Distributed DAC in 28-nm CMOS for Optical Communications
18 An 8-bit 100-GS/s Distributed DAC in 28-nm CMOS for Optical Communications
19 An Implantable Versatile Electrode-Driving ASIC for Chronic Epidural Stimulation in Rats
20 Coplanar Full Adder in Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata via Clock-Zone-Based Crossover
21 Economizing TSV Resources in 3-D Network-on-Chip Design
22 Runtime Adaptive Circuit Switching and Flow Priority in NoC-Based MPSoCs
23 Energy-Efficient Approximate Multiplication for Digital Signal Processing and Classification Applications
24 High-Speed and Energy-Efficient Carry Skip Adder Operating Under a Wide Range of Supply Voltage Levels
25 Majority-Based Test Access Mechanism forParallel Testing of Multiple Identical Cores
26 Novel VLSI Architecture for Real Time  Medical Image Segmentation
27 Overcoming Computational Errors in Sensing Platforms Through Embedded Machine-Learning Kernels
28 Partially Parallel Encoder Architecture for Long Polar Codes
29 Runtime Adaptive Circuit Switching and Flow Priority in NoC-Based MPSoCs
30 Scan Test Bandwidth Management for Ultralarge-Scale System-on-Chip Architectures
31 An 8T Low-Voltage and Low-Leakage Half-Selection Disturb-Free SRAM Using Bulk-CMOS and FinFETs
32 Drowsy Driver Detection using Representation Learning
33 Information Hiding as a Challenge for Malware Detection
34 Performance Analysis of a Low-Power High-Speed Hybrid 1-bit Full Adder Circuit
35 Single-Ended 9T SRAM Cell for Near-Threshold Voltage Operation With Enhanced Read Performance in 22-nm FinFET Technology
36 Threshold Logic Computing: Memristive-CMOS Circuits for Fast Fourier Transform and Vedic Multiplication
37 VLSI Computational Architectures for the Arithmetic Cosine Transform
38 A New Data Transfer Method via Signal-Rich-Art Code Images Captured by Mobile Devices
Successful Students
Campus UK student
Muthiah Palaniappan
Internet Programming and Database Mgmt (COOP)
Lambton College, Canada
Successful Students
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