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Non IEEE / Application Projects - Networking
Java - Networking
1 The Value of Cooperation: Minimizing User Costs in Multi-broker Mobile Cloud Computing Networks
2 Location-Sharing Systems With Enhanced Privacy in Mobile Online Social Networks
3 DDSGA: A Data-Driven Semi-Global Alignment Approach for Detecting Masquerade Attacks
4 A Trust Management Scheme Based on Behavior Feedback for Opportunistic Networks
5 Design and Evaluation of the Optimal Cache Allocation for Content-Centric Networking
6 Distributed denial of service attacks in software-defined networking with cloud computing
7 Energy-Efficient Intrusion Detection and Mitigation for Networked Control Systems Security
8 Enhancing Security and Privacy for Identity-based Batch Verification Scheme in VANET
9 Malware Propagation in Large-Scale Networks
11 Secure Anonymous Key Distribution Scheme for Smart Grid
13 Secure Cloud Storage Meets with Secure Network Coding
14 VoteTrust: Leveraging Friend Invitation Graph to Defend against Social Network Sybils
15 Network-Based Modeling and Intelligent Data Mining of Social Media for Improving Care
17 Compact Conformal Map for Greedy Routing in Wireless Mobile Sensor Networks
Dot Net - Networking
1 Anomaly-Based Network Intrusion Detection System
2 CEDAR: A Low-Latency and Distributed Strategy for Packet Recovery in Wireless Networks
3 Distributed Opportunistic Scheduling for EnergyHarvesting Based Wireless Networks: A Two-StageProbing Approach
4 Joint Static and Dynamic Traffic Scheduling in Data Center Networks
5 PWDGR: Pair-Wise Directional Geographical Routing Based on Wireless Sensor Network
6 Secure Binary Image Stegnograpghy Based On Minimizing the disortion on the textur
7 Software Puzzle: A Countermeasure to Resource-Inflated Denial-of- Service Attacks
8 Trust and Compactness in Social Network Groups
9 On Nonblocking Multicast Fat-Tree Data Center Networks with Server Redundancy
10 Trust and Compactness in Social Network Groups
Dot Net - Networking
1 Diversifying Web Service Recommendation Results via Exploring Service Usage History
2 Location-Aware and Personalized Collaborative Filtering for Web Service Recommendation
3 SanGA: A S elf-Adaptive Network-Aware Approach t o S ervice Composition
4 SmartCrawler: A Two-stage Crawler for Efficiently Harvesting Deep-Web Interfaces
5 Customizable Point-of-Interest Queries in Road Networks
6 Energy-Efficient Group Key Agreement for Wireless Networks
7 On Downlink Beamforming with Small Cells inWireless Heterogeneous Systems
8 On-Demand Discovery of Software Service Dependencies in MANETs
9 Task Allocation for Wireless Sensor Network Using  Modified Binary Particle Swarm Optimization
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Internet Programming and Database Mgmt (COOP)
Lambton College, Canada
Successful Students
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